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In my beginner's course, I incorporate Reiki levels 1 and 2, and go into depth with the history and creation of Reiki. I include information about Reiki's creator Master Mikao Usui teachings, which were disciplined and strict. With my attunement process, I incorporate Kundulini breathing patterns for the ultimate movement of energy.

Created for beginners

I introduce you to the first 3 Reiki symbols and provide you with a solid foundation to start practicing Reiki healing. You'll learn how to clear people's chakras and send healing energy over distance.

Guided Meditations

I include guided meditations in my lessons to keep you focused and alert while learning the new principles. You can download the meditations and use them whenever you need to.

Progess to Master

When you're ready, you can complete the master attunements and be qualified to attune people yourself.

Meet the instructor

Hi, I’m Paul Iannarelli and I offer energy healing sessions through Reiki and other spiritual tools, to cleanse and purify your body, mind and soul. I’m a Master Reiki energy healer and I’m in the middle of creating a reiki course that will blow your mind. Sign up for the waiting list above and I’ll send you a note when it’s ready. Expected launch date is Jan 1/21. 

Join Paul for his Reiki classes
"Moments after the distance session, my headache disappeared and my stomach ache ceased to exist. Thank you Paul!"
Teresa Nania
Reiki Client